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 Australian Sky & Telescope

Australia's Premier Astronomy and Space Magazine

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"Australian Sky & full of fat, fibre, and finger-lickin' goodness." - Sydney Morning Herald, October 31, 2005

Australian Sky & Telescope is the Australian astronomy magazine that brings you throughout the year:

  • Timely observing guides for the night sky
  • Renowned test reviews on astronomy equipment
  • Reports on what amateurs around the country are doing
  • The finest astronomy features and news coverage
  • Inspiring astrophotos from our readers

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Inside the July 2014 issue of Australian Sky & Telescope, you’ll find:

How You Can Find an Exoplanet

Using the Planet Hunters website, citizen scientists are adding to Kepler's treasure trove of new worlds. You only need a computer, an internet connection, and enthusiasm. By Meg Schwamb

Nature's Wrath

The solar system's wild weather can make Earth's extremes seem serene. By David Baker & Todd Ratcliff

Staring Back to Cosmic Dawn

Hubble's single largest observing program is detecting the earliest galaxies, finding the most distant supernovae, and revealing the fireworks-like peak of star formation at cosmic high noon. By Sandra M Faber et al.

AS&T Test Report: Celestron's Skyris Planetary Cameras

Two industry leaders team up to create the next generation of video cameras for the Sun, Moon, and planets. By Dennis di Cicco and Sean Walker

Binocular Sights of Winter

Grab your binoculars and explore what the winter sky has to offer. By Greg Bryant and Gary Seronik

The Sky Within Your Eyes

Eye aberrations can have a big effect on visual observing. Here are some tips for seeing the universe more clearly by working with your eyes' imperfections. By Salvador Bara

...and so much more.




Planck Spacecraft Shuts Down

After four years of exquisite observations, the latest mission to study the universe's earliest light has been shuttered. But this end is a happy one and comes with a significant cosmological legacy.  Read more


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We're pleased to announce that Australian Sky & Telescope magazine is now digital. You can now read it on your computer or on a tablet. Our July 2014 issue is now available, along with all the back issues going back to the beginning of 2011. To subscribe, visit Australian Sky & Telescope's page on the Zinio website, or click here.
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 2014 Astronomy Calendar

2014 Astronomy Calendar

The 2014 Astronomy Calendar is filled with images from amateur astronomers. It has the year's Moon phases, eclipses, meteor showers, and much more. Plus each calendar includes a Star Map poster. It's ideal for your home, office, or observatory.

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