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 Great Gift Ideas

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Astronomy 2018 Yearbook

The Astronomy 2018 yearbook is now here! Written by Australian astronomers for Southern Hemisphere skies, it is your invaluable guide to what’s visible in the night sky. Its 150 pages are packed full of detailed observing information, such as Moon phases, planet antics, eclipses and meteor showers, plus monthly viewing guides.



2018 Australasian Sky Guide

An ideal yearbook for beginners, the easy-to-read 2018 Australasian Sky Guide provides a month-by-month guide to what can be seen with the naked eye, along with lots of interesting facts and figures, detailed descriptions of special astronomical events, and planetary data.



Astronomy 2018 Calendar

The ever-popular Astronomy Calendar is back for 2018. Featuring the best Australian astrophotos from the prestigious David Malin Astrophotography Awards, this Australia-produced calendar is an ideal Christmas gift for every astronomer. It includes monthly Southern Hemisphere star maps, information on lunar phases and meteor showers, plus details of planetary alignments in the morning and evening skies.


Eyes on the Skies DVD

Produced by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), this 60-minute DVD covers the history of the telescope, its importance, and some of the technological breakthroughs.


Solar System News DVD

This new release DVD features images from Messenger at Mercury, Venus Express, Cassini at Saturn, and Mars as revealed by orbiters, rovers, and Phoenix. It contains programs on each of the planets plus comets, asteroids, and dwarf planets. A 90-minute visual feast.


The Universe

Universe DVD

This 90-minute DVD features discoveries from the Hubble Space Telescope about star clusters, nebulae, extrasolar planets, galaxies, dark matter, the Big Bang and cosmology, and more. There is also a feature section on the history of the telescope. A must have.



Spaceflight DVD

Immerse yourself in stunning images of spaceflight. See the majestic curved Earth glide quietly by under you and bear witness to that one small step that forever changed human history. Spaceflight DVD is two hours of visual wonder.


Star Disc

This double-sided plastic planisphere shows the night sky looking south and north. Major stars are shown in their actual colour, along with the Milky Way, star groups such as the Saucepan, prominent clusters and nebulae. Size: 30 x 24cm. Suitable for use in Australia, NZ, and South Africa.


Moon Charts and Phase Maps

The latest edition of this fantastic Australian-produced lunar observing set is now available. Comprising 8 laminated pages, each 23 x 33cm, it features:
◆ A chart of the entire near side of the Moon, divided into six sections.
◆ 18 phase maps (on reverse side of the chart sections) of the waxing Moon.
◆ Instructions, reference guide and crater index.   
Great for beginners, this set will help you to identify seas, craters and mountain ranges for any phase of the Moon.


Star Charts

By Wil Tirion

A series of 18 maps (nine double-sided A4 pages) covering the entire sky. The charts have a water resistant laminate coat to make them more durable when used outside. An additional reference guide provides an overall view of all 18 charts and an index to the constellations and major stars.


To order, call (02) 9439 1955 with your credit card details handy, or use the order form in the current issue of Australian Sky & Telescope magazine. Postage and handling charges are $5.00 for 1 item, $7.00 for 2 items and $9.00 for 3 or more items (higher rates apply for overseas parcels).